Muscat Ottonel

“Pure, wild floral aromatics with a touch of honey are followed by a remarkably substantially finish.” said someone about this type of wine.
Muscat Ottonel is a sort of white grapes, part of Vitis Vinifera family. This type has been obtained by Robert Moreau in 1852 in Anger city, France. It may be vinified dry (Alsace, Hungary, etc.) or as a dessert wine (Australia, Croatia, etc. ). It is also an excellent partner for wine-blending.

Italian Riesling

It produces a well-balanced gustatory wine, with slight linden and honey fragrances.
There are more views of the Italian Riesling origins (Vitis vinifera family): some specialists consider that it is native of Germany, from the Rhine Valley, others consider that it is native of Italy or Austria, Styria area. Due to its technological characteristics, this type of grapes provides a wide range of wines (from sweet to dry), and it is also used as a raw material for sparkling wines and distillates wines.

Sauvignon Blanc

This variety produces an active and cool wine. Sauvignonul Blanc, part of the Proles Occidentalis family, it originates in France, where it is grown on significant areas (Bordeaux region or Sauternes vineyard). The wines obtained from Sauvignon Blanc feature a fine aroma with a distinct character, with vibrant notes and it is required the over-maturation of the grapes in order to obtain sweet or semi-sweet wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Someone said “God made Cabernet Sauvignon”. This wine variety is ideal when we talk about the quality improvement through aging. A red grape variety, part of the Proles Occidentalis family, Cabernet Sauvignon originates in France, Bordeaux region. Although it has been denominated officially in 1996, Cabernet Sauvignon produces probably the best-known wines in the world. The wines are red-ruby colored and they have a complex bouquet.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir wines are valued and prized all over the world. Grown since the Wales times, Pinot Noir is an old French variety, described for the first time in 1394 under the name of Pynoz. Being very difficult to vinify, it is responsible for both some of the best wines in the world and for some that are very disputed. But when the wine making is correctly made, it is said Pinot Noir is the most charismatic wine. It is a key variety for wine-blending.