Amurg Collection

Dearest earth, blessed by nature, for thousands years.

When the sun caresses and ennobles the grapes, the resulted wine is a gift of the nature.

The legend says that Silagiu was set up by one of the God’s knights. The church on the hill has become a Silagiu symbol and it represents the people’s connection with the Divinity.
The life and the nature elements, the Water, the Sun and the Earth have gathered together in the Amurg Wines, a treasure of nature that will delight your senses and will arise your feelings.
Enjoy Amurg Wines, both in the hot summer evenings and the cold and fascinating winter evenings.


Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine is styled to be a fresh red wine, with red and black berry flavours with structured tannins and fuller mouth feel. It should not be confused with the Amadoc Cabernet Sauvignon which is soft and more elegant.
The grapes are sourced from Thesaurus vineyard and it’s the last variety to enter the cellar. The grapes fermented in stainless steel fermentation tanks, the juices was pumped over the skins 3 times a day to extract the desired colour and tannins. As soon as the wines had fermented dry on the skins the wines were removed and the skins were pressed, malolactic fermentation took place in the stainless steel tank. The is filtered and transferred to stainless steel tank for 8-10 months before being transferred to older Romanian oak barrels for a period of 6-8 months before being bottled.